Hello all, I’m Sal. I created The Ginger Feather as a place to come when you’re tired of the constant rumblings of the news, the internet and of navigating daily life. I write about quiet things, usually fuelled by tea and cake and accompanied by one mad cat and occasional guinea pigs. I previously wrote a minimalist blog, One Empty Shelf. After more than a decade, One Empty Shelf reached it’s natural conclusion. The Ginger Feather is sort of like the sequel, I suppose!

I live in the UK with my husband and various assorted 4-legged friends (and usually some 6 and 8-legged ones too), in a stone cottage with an unkempt garden and bees in the attic.

I love paddling in the freezing sea, wandering about in rainstorms, getting excited by creepy crawlies in our overgrown wild garden or lying back with a book and losing myself for a few hours. I like to plod along and think, make friends with trees and tread the pathways of those that have come before me.

The Ginger Feather is a way to share all of the things that feed my soul these days, and that may be food for yours too. I hope it is a blog of sea mist and thunderclouds, of wild roses and campfires, of old pages and steaming tea. Here is a good place to start.



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