Start Here

Start Here

Welcome to The Ginger Feather. Come on in, sit down, have a biscuit…

I pressed publish on this blog as I was dithering about trying to make it perfect and thought I’d never launch it! So there’s not much happening yet. But a little start would be to wander over to the About page to find out a bit more about the blog and about me, if you’re interested.

Then please come and say hello on Twitter or Instagram, if you have those. It would be lovely to meet you! There’s a newsletter you can sign up to that will slide quietly into your inbox now and again with news of cobwebby corners, badger sightings, intriguing places and cat escapades. It might leave some cake crumbs behind, sorry about that.

I’m sure as we go on that this page will become slightly more useful, but at the moment it is rather quiet, as is the rest of the blog. Although I quite like it like this. Welcome, anyway. I’m sure there’s tea just brewed somewhere, help yourself 🙂

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