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Spring things

Spring Things

It’s spring! Finally! And although I’m not 100% sure that a sneaky second winter is going to appear any time, the tulips are out and birds and beginning to make their nests in the trees. Sat here, feeling the weight of winter slowly beginning to lift, I thought I’d bring an update from the cottage – it’s been a while, as usual. So grab a cuppa and let’s have a chat about spring things!

I always say something along the lines of promising to post more regularly from now on. But I’m learning to work with my brain, and as soon as I write something like that, I somehow end up not wanting to do it… So I’m giving up on all expectations and just going with the flow. Now the energy of the lighter days is building, who knows!

a light ginger cat in a brown and cream tunnel

This winter has been a tough time. We lost our little cat, Agatha, just before yule. It was peaceful, she’d been ill for a while, but it was still hard to lose her – pets become so much part of the family and it was a weird time for us both, having both lost our dads recently too. A small catharsis but a weird time. I don’t really know how to explain it. Anyway, we took a few months to process, and have now welcomed a new, young boisterous rescue into our lives, who is expanding herself into our lives in a very ginger cat kind of way!

Talking of working with my brain, I’ve updated my desk to a lurid rainbow light up keyboard, lots of pink cloud-shaped wrist rests and a big pink desk mat. Dopamine central! I can feel my brain fizzing as I type and as the light glows in waves under the keypad. Amazing! It’s weird, I always saw pictures of lovely exciting desk setups and never actually connected that I could have that as well. I think it’s the leftovers from when I did the two no-spend years a long time ago now – certain things have stuck and basically guilt at having anything new is one of the more negative hangovers from that time. So trying to bring balance now. Rainbow light up keyboard is diving right in there! Seriously though, it’s a long learning curve learning how to get on with my brain, but I think I’m starting to make friends with it and trust the process. I’m trying to create a space where existing is easy. I was discussing this with my therapist a few weeks back – how to find a place where it is easy to exist. I feel it in the woodland – noticing everything all at once feels natural, not overwhelming. It’s like I was meant to be there – existence is easy. Lots of forms of stimuli fit together and don’t grate on each other. Birds and dirt and trees and the smells on the breeze. I feel like that’s where I’m supposed to exist – it’s effortless. Do you have a place where that’s true for you?

So along those lines, how do I make my home and daily life easy to exist in, too? This is an ongoing learning! But of course a light up keyboard is helping.

We’ve been away for a short break to peaceful North Norfolk, in a little hideaway we found. I’ll write a post about it, I think – we had such a relaxing time! Anyway, I’m going to have another cup of tea, sit in a sunbeam, and watch the world go round. I’ve shared some photos of the spring flowers below. Until next time!

Sal x

Dusky pink multi-layered primrose flowers in amongst green leaves. a dark blue hyacinth, with a yellow tulip behind.


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